The longer a leaking pipe, liner or pool shell is left unrepaired the more costly it can be to fix and become an unrepairable problem if ignored!!

Severe Damage Caused By Kink In Flexible Pipe


Leak Tech use sophisticated electronic equipment, tests and techniques that will confirm LEAKS. If your pool has a leak, water loss measurements can be calculated in minutes!!

We accurately pressure test pipe work, pinpoint underground leaks and can locate leaks in any pool structure.

An underwater hydrophone listening device is used to locate even the smallest pinhole leaks. We provide leak repair solutions for virtually any pool shell such as vinyl, acrylic, fibre glass and gunite built swimming pools.

Underwater Leak Detection


No need to drain your pool!! We are qualified & equipped to scuba dive all year round.

Leak Tech specialize in underwater repairs. We use state of the art techniques along the latest underwater tools and products to fix the problem, without having to drain your pool. Saving you time and money!!

Underwater Tiling & Repairs


Cracks in your pool surface are concerning but common. The most common cause of pool cracking is ground movement. Not all cracks need to be addressed as emergencies. Leak Tech can perform a dye test to see if they are a cause for immediate concern. We will pinpoint and repair leaking cracks before they become unmanageable. These repairs can be done underwater.

Dye Testing

Leak Tech use a special concentrated dye, that holds together underwater, to identify the precise location of a structural pool leak.

Structural pool leaks need to be treated correctly and quickly to prevent critical structural damage. If your swimming pool has suffered major cracking or defects. Leak Tech are qualified and experienced to use specially designed staples along with a quality epoxy to repair these cracks permanently.

The Specially Designed Staples In Place

Severe cracking can be the source of water loss in your pool. Water leakage through the floor or wall of a swimming pool can soften the soil in which the pool is embedded and cause weakness in the support of the pool, which in time will cause structural damage to the pool shell.

Severe Cracking Under Repair

The Finished Job


Rebar stains are caused by intense localized corrosion of the reinforcement bar, rebar, imbedded in the concrete of the pool. LEAK TECH can remove or treat the rusty section of steel, re tile the area all under water.


Is your pool looking tired and outdated?

A Typical Pool In Need Of Refurbishment

You can make your pool look new again! Improve the look by changing the tiles, pool crown, border or by adding pictures or steps. Leak Tech provide an extensive pool refurbishment procedure making the pool water tight before applying new tiles.

The Pool Now Fully Re Tiled & Looking Like New!

All pools look good when re tiled but preparation is the key to its success and long life.

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